What’s better than getting shit done? Getting shit done in one day.

Well hello there, purpose driven business owner.

I see you. Yes you; the one who wants to just get things done, so you can get on with building that badass business of yours, but who can never quite seem to find the time or the focus to work on your own brand. I see you because it takes one to know one!

What if there was another way?

If you (like me) keep getting side tracked by all. the. things. and you’re about ready to tear your hair out: I’ve got something special just for you: Brand it! VIP Intensives.

You know, I’m pretty sure not even the queen can get my attention for a full day. But you can! A VIP intensive gives you the opportunity to have a whole day of my schedule dedicated to you and your brand.

Who are Brand it! VIP Intensives for?

Are you struggling to stay consistent with your branding? Everyone keeps saying “be authentic, show up as you – but that’s easier said than done if you’re not quite sure who you actually are, right? You have this niggling feeling that something is just a little bit off with your brand, but you can’t quite put your finger on it… or you keep tweaking your brand fonts and colours every few weeks but it never feels just right… You lack clarity and confidence in your brand, and it’s driving you batshit crazy.

If any of that sounds familiar; keep reading!

A Brand it! VIP Intensive is perfect if you’re ready to bridge the gap between your business strategy and your visual brand + marketing efforts. You know that a pretty logo on its own isn’t gonna cut it, and that you need to connect with your audience on a much deeper level to make a lasting impression. To do that you first need to truly understand the vision and values that define your brand. You need a brand strategy! But where the heck do you start?

During your VIP Intensive, I will help you get crystal clear on the very core of your brand. I’ll help you figure out your brand’s purpose; why your brand exists, who you want to be and who you want to impact. Together, we’ll hone in on what makes you you, and we’ll uncover that unique brand personality that will speak to all the right people.

With all that in place, staying consistently on brand will be a breeze – because when you know and embrace your brand personality you can show up confidently as you. Every time!

Depending on where you are currently at with your brand, I have two available options for your VIP Intensive:

Oh, sweet strategy

This is the route for you if you haven’t yet nailed that brand strategy. It feels overwhelming and complicated, so you keep procrastinating it… But you know it’s important – and you just want help getting it all done in a day.

Every brand is unique, and your VIP Intensive will be tailored to work on the areas you need it the most. We’ll be using my Brand it! strategy framework to guide us through the day, and some of the things I can help you figure out are:

  • Figuring out your mission and vision
  • Diving in deep to find your core brand values
  • Honing in on your unique brand personality
  • Identifying your dream client
Brand strategy is the bridge between your business strategy and your visual brand. After our day together, you’ll have your very own strategy framework to refer back to – allowing you to move forward with your brand with confidence and clarity.

Aaaaaah, alignment

This is the route to go if you’ve got some elements of your branding in place, but something just feels a little off. You want help lining up the last few pieces of the puzzle, so your brand looks and feels like you.

Ready to kill that urge to constantly tweak your brand visuals once and for all? That can become your reality once your brand visuals align with your brand’s values and personality. Our day together may include us making adjustments to:

  • Your brand strategy
  • Your brand’s visual elements (logo, sub-mark)
  • Your brand colour palette and typography
  • A brand board to help you stay consistent
After our day together, you’ll have a detailed brand board + your refined logo and visual elements (saved to industry standard file formats) to help you retain brand consistency as you build that kick-ass brand of yours!

Is that a “heck yeah! I hear?

Availability is limited for my VIP intensives, and it’s first come first served, so get in touch to secure a spot if you want my brains on your brand! 


In Norway and prefer to pay in NOK? Use this link. VAT will be added where applicable. You can choose to pay in full, or in two monthly installments.

how it works

Here’s what to expect from our day together:

We kick off the day in my virtual meeting room at 8:30 AM. Show up as you are, no need to get camera ready, and a crown is completely optional – though I do recommend a steady supply of snacks and beverages!
We get to work! If we’re just working on strategy, this can mean we stay online together for the entire day – if we’re looking at aligning your visuals, we may work in shorter focus sessions to tweak, iterate and refine throughout the day.
We take breaks too of course. We’ll split the day with a 30-minute lunch break around noon, but sometimes you just need to get away from the screen to get ideas flowing. We’ll take short 5-15 minute breaks as needed, to grab a cuppa or some fresh air.
Vox me baby! If you need to just think without me (literally!) in your face all day, we can hop off video conferencing for a while to give you headspace. If you prefer to do that, we can stay in touch via Voxer so I can support you without being a distraction.
We round off our time together at 3:00 PM. It’s most likely been an intense (but fun!) day, so now would be a good time to treat yourself – whatever that means to you.
Wohoo, it’s a wrap! I’ll finalise your strategy document and/or your revised visual elements, and send them over to you, so you’re ready to go out there and shine!


Can I use a VIP Intensive to have you design my brand identity from scratch?

Crafting a strategic brand identity from scratch takes time, usually 4-8 weeks at least. Squeezing it all into one day simply isn’t going to get you a good end result. However, if you already have a brand identity but it could do with some tweaks to make it more aligned with your brand strategy – we can absolutely do that!

Can a VIP Intensive be used for general graphic design projects?

There are two different routes to choose for your VIP Intensive: A deep-dive into your core brand strategy or clarifying your strategy + aligning your current visual brand with your brand strategy. I only do general graphic design process for existing brand identity clients, as a part of maintaining their brand consistency.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, when you book your Brand it! VIP Intensive, you have the option to either pay in full or to split the amount into to equal monthly payments.
What is Voxer and how do I use it?
Voxer is a walkie walkie messaging app for your smartphone (there’s a web based client too if that’s more your jam), that we’ll be using to send voice and text messages back and forth during our day together. You’ll only need the free version for our work, so no extra cost there!

Download it on Google PlayApple or get the web based version.

Search for me (Solveig Petch) and add me, and away we go!

I have a question about something else!
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