Very Helpful for Anyone Starting Their Brand or Looking for an Audit

This premium Brand it! Strategy Workbook is a heaven sent for anyone who’s new to the world of branding or needs to go back to the drawing board and have a brand refresh. I love how step-by-step and thorough it is. It has helped me answer some crucial questions,...


Petchy’s Brand it! framework is more than a workbook! Not only did it help me set up my brand fundamentals, it also helped me clarify the purpose of my business and the impact I want to create with my target audience. This is not a one-and-done type of workbook. It’s...


This is a super insightful and well thought through collection! I worked through some of this resource with an event company recently. It led to some exciting and important strategy discussions. So valuable, it’s a steal!

Petchy is attentive and has an intuitive ability to detect even unspoken client needs. Plus, she’s not afraid to tell you if you are on the wrong track.

Petchy helped me refine my existing brand, and came up with solutions I’d never have thought of myself. The results far exceeded my high expectations!