Complete brand overhaul for Nekton.

Nekton are a family owned aquaculture company with big ambitions, and over 60 dedicated and highly skilled employees. They’re always striving for the highest possible quality: they genuinely care about the environment and the salmon they farm, and are always looking for ways to become more sustainable. Their branding really wasn’t doing their vision and focus justice at all, the visuals were not consistent and the company structure and multiple company names were confusing. Over the past six months, I’ve worked closely with Nekton to completely overhaul their brand identity – and I am so happy to finally be able to show off the results!

Nekton had already done a solid job of working out their business strategy, having hired renowned PR agency Kruse Larsen to help them with strategic positioning and messaging. I was so excited about this, because I knew this meant they were ready. Ready to invest time and energy into the rebranding process, and that client involvement is crucial to a good end result.

We started their rebranding journey with a strategic naming workshop, where literally no rock was left unturned. I don’t know how many ideas we had for names at one point – probably hundreds! I left them with a shortlist of names to ponder about, and they landed on a name that was already in use for one of their existing businesses: Nekton. I love that they went with this! It’s a good, memorable name, it’s easy to pronounce internationally, and they were able to leverage existing brand knowledge to some extent. It’s also a name that ties in with what they do.

Client → Nekton

Category → strategy + identity

Budget → €10,000

Once the name was determined, it was time to start working on the visual identity. The logo is a combined logotype and icon, where the logotype is distinctive enough to stand its ground even without the icon, and the icon that is made up of stylised fish and waves can also be applied as a decorative element.

/ˈnɛkt(ə)n,ˈnɛktɒn/ — Aquatic animals that are able to swim and move independently of water currents.

The typeface Aquawax Pro was chosen for its quirky design details, from the blade-like tail of the Q to the fin-like right leg of the K, as well as the rounded edges softening the stark modernist lettershapes. For body text where Aquawax isn’t available, and for use online, the always versatile Source Sans Pro ensures a highly legible, modern and clean vibe throughout.

The brand colours PMS 2188 C and PMS 1665 C represent the ocean and the deep orange that distinguishes premium quality salmon. Widespread use of white space, creates a clean and airy feel. There are also two supporting colours: PMS 2189 C (to be used as a softer alternative to black) and PMS Cool Gray 1 (for use where you need a light colour that isn’t pure white).

A rebrand of this scale requires some guidance to ensure correct implementation, so comprehensive and detailed brand guidelines were created to ensure a smooth transition and a cohesive and recognisable look as Nekton move into new markets. The 20+ page document was distributed company wide, and will also be an invaluable tool when third parties are involved; outlining correct use of logos, typography, colours and decorative elements.


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