Rebranding for international growth.

Flatsetsund Enginering (FLS) manufacture high quality fish farming supplies & equipment — with a focus on excellence in fish welfare. They’re currently gearing up for a more substantial international presence, and felt this was the perfect timing to refine their visual branding too.

With fish welfare being one of the company’s core values, we truly wanted to incorporate this into their brand identity. We achieved this by implementing a series of smaller adjustments to the original brand identity.

These subtle changes allow for brand recognition to be retained, which in this case is a real asset! To give FLS a great deal of flexibility in the application of their visual brand, several logo variations were created as well as a sub mark with their brand promise. The water drop shape is also actively used throughout as a decorative element.

Category → identity

Budget → €8,500

The logo was refined and simplified whilst retaining the original concept of the conjoined initials — and a water drop forms part of the F’s horizontal stroke, a reference to the industry in which FLS operates. The rounded corners make for a friendly and approachable overall look, in contrast to the cold, clean lines of the steel components.

When the aquaculture industry took shape 30 years ago, we were there.

—Flatsetsund Engineering

The colour palette was adjusted to slightly warmer tones of blue and aqua, for a friendlier feel, and a fresh green was introduced as an accent colour to add interest and a reference to FLS’ commitment to a greener footprint for the aquaculture industry.

The subtle rounded corners of the chosen brand typeface tie in nicely with the softer lines of the refined logo. BW Quinta is a contemporary humanist sans that is approachable but well-grounded. It’s smart and professional, yet friendly. Just the pop of personality we were going for!


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