Rebranding a music festival.

Established i 2001 as Kristiansund Kirke Kunst Kulturfestival, Festspillene i Kristiansund has since built a solid reputation as one of the region’s most renowned faith related musical/cultural events. Back in 2019, I was honoured when they approached me to assist them with an overhaul of their entire brand. First up, a name change (take a look at the acronym of the original name and you might understand why the old name was deemed inappropriate), followed by a complete overhaul of the visual brand identity [see the old logo here] to better align with the festival’s vision for the future.

The goal: to reach a younger audience whilst still retaining their loyal visitors, to bring their image up to date and rid themselves of any negative preconceptions, to broaden the scope of the cultural experiences they deliver – and to double their ticket sales over the next three years. The festival aims to strengthen the bond, and contribute to a vibrant dialogue, between the church, artists and performers, culture and the local community. By doing this, they aspire to become a national centre for faith-related art and culture.

Category → identity

Budget → €8,500

The new identity is based around the concept of conducting patterns; a subtle homage to the festival’s founder and the classical music foundations on which the festival was built.

The sweeping lines illustrate rhythm and movement.

The sweeping lines illustrate rhythm and movement, and are spiced up with accompanying dots in a contrasting colour. They can also be associated with nature and the ocean, hinting at the festival’s location.

Typography is kept clean and understated, using a sans serif with distinct, soft lines to tie in with the decorative elements.


The colour palette is derived from the colours of the liturgical year (ok, so we ditched red because otherwise it would have been a little over the top – we’ll just say it’s artistic freedom!) with a deep purple as the base colour. The addition of a bright green brings a youthful vibrancy to the overall look, while a deeper green and a charcoal grey allow for great variations, allowing the festival to tailor the visuals to suit each individual concert/event and the corresponding audience.


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