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When Erika Tebbens approached me about helping her with her strategic rebrand, I was beyond thrilled! I’ve come to know Erika in several roles over the past few years, I’ve been her client through her group programme Rebellious Success, she’s been a podcast guest of mine, I consider her a friend, a mentor and a constant source of inspiration. She’s an amazing business owner and a wonderful human to boot – so to be able to welcome her into my family of clients and be trusted with her brand was nothing short of an honour.

Erika is on a mission of helping women and gender expansive folks make more money so that they can have the means to make positive change in the world – without selling out or burning out. When she reached out to me, her business had evolved to a point where she was outgrowing her branding, she was ready for her brand to “grow up”.

Client → Erika Tebbens

Category → strategy + identity

Budget → €6,500

Grown up ≠ boring! Knowing that Erika wanted to up-level both her target audience and her offers, I knew we would need to strike a careful balance. On the one hand, we needed to make sure her new branding would resonate with higher end clientele – on the other hand, we had to ensure the branding was still reflective of Erika’s vibrant personality. We wanted sleek and powerful, but not cold.

You’re pretty much you in your 30s and you feel more polished and confident than in your 20s, but then you get to your 40s and you fully embrace yourself and start to give fewer fucks. I feel like that’s where my brand currently is.

—Erika Tebbens

The revamped brand identity ticks all the boxes: it’s quirky, fun, and confident. I refined the hexagon elements from Erika’s former branding to retain brand recognition, and deepened the colour palette – replacing neon with deep jewel tones, a pop of magenta and a little antique gold to replace the neon yellow.

Also: who said logos have to be static? This is a brand identity created to be dynamic and evolving. Each letter comes with two available alternates as standard, and by changing the width of the letters and playing with composition, the resulting brand identity is alive, yet instantly recognisable regardless of how the individual letterforms are combined.

To balance out the quirkiness of the logotype, I paired it up with a clean and minimal sans serif typeface. A brush font adds personal flair, and is to be used sparingly.

The result, if I may say so myself, is as show stopping as the owner of the brand.


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