An agricultural adventure!

I’m so excited to show you this rebrand for Dyregod, an annual agriculture fair attracting industry professionals and families alike. With 160 vendors and stalls, thousands of visitors, 350 animals and 500 volunteers in action for the 2019 festival, this truly is an agricultural adventure!

2020 marked the 12th annual Dyregod fair, and a rebrand to boot! With an audience ranging from suppliers of agricultural equipment to farmers and local families, this brand needed to have a broad appeal.

Client → Dyregod

Category → identity

Budget → €6,000

The logotype is set in a rustic typeface, with both a horizontal and a vertical version available. The squareness of each letterform in combination with a slight texture ensures there’s a balance between the traditional and the modern. The tagline is set in a casual handwritten typeface, to emphasise the overall informal look, whilst a classic serif typeface for body text lends a touch of tradition.

The primary colour palette features muted greens and an earthy black, whilst the secondary colours inject a pop of brightness and allow for a more playful look. By adding this flexibility, Dyregod can easily tailor their communication to appeal to each audience.


“Etched” illustrations of farm animals tie it all together. By pairing the illustrations with patches of colour, widespread use of whitespace and quirky use of type, the overall expression feels up to date and fresh.


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