Christiansund Røgeri is located just outside Kristiansund, a small coastal town in northwestern Norway. This local smokehouse produces smoked salmon and trout of the finest quality, using traditional methods and a whole lot of care and love for what they do. With a goal of hitting the supermarket shelves, they were ready to up their game with a brand identity that communicates the level of quality they represent.

As they are aiming to add new product lines in the future, expanding into smoked meats, sausages, and bacon, it was important to keep the branding flexible enough to allow for this – avoiding any visuals that are too connected to salmon and trout. The brand identity is therefore based around a handwritten logotype, designed to represent the craftsmanship and quality rather than the actual physical products. The rather striking logotype, coupled with a chalkboard surface and hearty food photos, creates a modern take on traditional values.

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