Strategy before design.

We both know you’re not here just for fun. You’re here because you’re an ambitious business owner who wants to build a brand that truly represents what you stand for and the vision you have for your business – and the world. Yes, you want a gorgeous visual brand identity (I mean… who doesn’t?!) but you want it to be less about ‘looking pretty’ and more about discovering the essence of your brand and expressing it visually to connect with the right people.

If you’re just after a gorgeous new logo

…then I can’t help you #sorrynotsorry. A fancy logo with no substance behind it is just fluff – and I want your new brand identity to be so much more. I want it to support your business growth for years to come! Investing in a brand identity for your business is a pretty big deal, which is why we’ll be using my tried and tested Brand it! framework (and yes, I did say we – because you are a critical success factor!) to build a strong and memorable brand, from the ground up.

Our work together goes beyond the logo.

The visuals are just one small part of the journey you’re about to embark on — this is a long-term investment that will change the way you (and your clients!) think about your business.

Figuring out your brand essence – and then communicating that to your ideal clients – is our ultimate goal. Your visual identity should express your brand’s je ne sais quoi (that’s about as far as my French goes) and tell an impactful story. Get this part right, and your visual identity will play a key role in the process of creating a strong and memorable brand; it’ll become a valuable asset that sets you apart and gives you a competitive edge. It will give you confidence. It will make you proud. And yes: it will attract those dream clients!

One size fits all none.

Nope, no cookie-cutter packages here. Your brand design experience will be tailored to meet your needs, because I believe you shouldn’t have to fit into a pre-defined container. Your brand is unique — and deserves so much more than a one size fits all-approach.

My brand identity design services never include just a logo. Choosing to work with me is not a ‘delegate-and-forget-about-it’ option, as we’ll be working closely together to define your strategic foundations before any design work happens at all. You are a crucial part of the process in this done-with-you process. Your custom package starts from:



Wait, no easy fix?!

I get it. We’re so accustomed to off-the-shelf packages, that anything custom feels scary… and dare I say it: extravagant?

I want your brand design experience to feel extravagant — but at the same time I don’t want to inflate it with lots of extra ‘bonuses’ you don’t need. 20+ years of experience has taught me that certain elements are essential for a kick-ass brand identity process, and these are our starting point. And then if you need more, we’ll add more!

Always included:

  • 60-minute strategic kick-off call
  • The Brand it! strategy framework + workbook
  • Lifetime access to my brand strategy course
  • Detailed brand questionnaire
  • Moodboard
  • 3 x design concepts
  • 2 x revisions of your chosen design concept
  • Main logo + logo variations
  • Sub mark + icon
  • Brand colour palette and typography
  • Brand board (one-page PDF file)
  • 5 x photorealistic mockups
  • All final deliverables in EPS, AI, JPG and PNG file formats
  • Password protected client portal

Optional add-ons:

  • Additional 1:1 strategy sessions/workshops
  • Detailed brand guidelines
  • Branded surface pattern
  • Custom brand illustrations*
  • Packaging design
  • Branded collateral for print + digital
  • Canva brand suite + template design
  • Copywriting services*
  • Web design services*
  • Brand photography*
  • Social media content and/or ads*
  • …and more!

We’ll go over your needs in detail, and you’ll receive a tailored quote for the additional services you require. For services marked * I will refer you on to my substantial network of awesome and talented friends who are experts in their respective fields.


But Petchy, what if I don’t know what I need?

Then we talk. We sit down with a cuppa and have a good old fashioned human-to-human conversation around your current situation, your budget, and your future business goals. It’s my job to help you figure this out – and it feels awful that I even have to point this out, but: I will never sell you stuff you don’t need ‘just to make the sale’ or push you to spend money you haven’t got. If your vision is bigger than your budget, then I’ll help you prioritise so we can focus on what will make the biggest impact for your brand right now. Trust that in the future, there will be a time and a place (and a budget) for everything else.

Here's how it works

Selected client projects

Solveig Petch exceeded all of our expectations in creating the logo and branding for our new brand, Veksa. Her expertise in brand strategy and graphic design resulted in a visually stunning and coherent brand identity that perfectly represents our company. Solveig was a pleasure to work with, always responsive and professional, and took the time to truly understand our vision and goals. We are incredibly happy with the end result and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and dedicated brand strategist and graphic designer.
Øyvind H. Bergesen
Hotkey AS
I knew going into 2022 it was time for a rebrand. I was upleveling in my business and I wanted everything to match up. Having known Petchy for a couple years prior, I knew that when it was time, she was going to be the person I'd trust with my new brand. And wow did she deliver! Not only am I thrilled with the final results, but the whole process was wonderful. She asked great questions, was willing to really help me untangle my vision when I felt stuck, and found a way to convey two juxtaposing pieces of what I wanted: a brand that looked both elevated and rebellious. It's perfect and I'm so glad I invested in her. Hire her for your brand if you want a true partner in the process and incredible results.
After my VIP day with Petchy, I walked away with a beautiful visual brand. As my company has evolved I have drifted away from the colors & fonts but what remains is my Mission, Vision, & Big fat hairy scary goal that I developed using the Brand it! Strategy workbook. We have all done the mission & vision exercises but Petchy's approach made a clear distinction between mission vs vision that I consistently refer back to. While my hairy scary goal drives the foundations & future of my business. Thank you for helping me develop a brand that resonates with who I am & what I want to create. A brand that remains regardless of visual elements.
Evelyn Pacitti
Measurable Wellness
Solveig consistently delivers impressive value and the most outstanding design work. She is a strategist to the core, empathetic and challenging in the best kind of way. She delivers amazing brand identities because she takes the time to find the true heart of the brand. She’s just the best ✨
Iren Hope Rønhovde
Pen Intended
Petchy is highly competent in the combination of design, branding and strategy. It's incredible to outsource a task and get a result ten times better than you imagined!
Aase Herkules
CEO, Enter Norway
Petchy has really put the time and effort into getting to know us, what we're all about, and what we want to achieve.
Mona & Pål Kristiansen
Tustna Ladestasjon
The end result is even better than I had hoped for – I am so happy and proud to launch my services with such a professional brand identity!
Maria Berglund
Petchy is attentive and has an intuitive ability to detect even unspoken client needs. Plus, she's not afraid to tell you if you are on the wrong track.
Sjur Bjørkly
Petchy helped me refine my existing brand, and came up with solutions I'd never have thought of myself. The results far exceeded my high expectations!
Maren Lie Solvang

Got questions? I have answers!

Why can't you design just a logo on its own?

Well, technically… I could. But I won’t. Because honestly: I don’t want you to waste your hard earned cash on a logo that’s not right, and that you’ll have to re-do in a year or two because it turned out not to be a good fit. Plus, your logo isn’t really that important (bet you never saw that coming from an identity designer, eh?) in the grand scheme of branding.

If your budget is tight or you’re just starting out; forget about the logo. For now. Why would I say that? Surely that would be leaving money on the table, right? Maybe. But I don’t want to take someone’s money just for the sake of it. Spending time and money on creating a logo without an underlying strategy is like building a house without foundations. And really, there are so many other things that are crucial to building a strong brand that need to be in place before you even begin to think about the visuals. (And I totally get that it’s tempting to jump ahead to the logo and the colours and the fonts and all the fun stuff!)

Instead, go away and do all the “invisible” work first, and when you’re really clear on your brand strategy, then you can go get that logo. Until then, just pick a neutral font for your brand name, and leave it at that. A Brand it! strategy hour could be a good option to get you started!

What's the timeline for a brand identity or rebranding project?

You’re probably going to hate me now, but my answer to this is “it depends” – because there are so many variables involved. If you already have a solid strategy in place, and we just need to translate that into visuals that communicate all that awesomeness… well, that takes less time than a more substantial project where we have to really dig deep into the strategy work. The most important thing is never to rush the process. Strategic processes need time to mature; both for the client and for the designer. Internal decision making processes can also vary a lot from company to company, and that will have a knock-on effect on the timeline.

Roughly speaking though, you’re looking at 6-8 weeks for smaller projects – up to 16-20 weeks for a more complex project with more substantial strategy work and more final deliverables. If you’re unsure where your project fits into this, let’s talk! I’ll be able to give you a better idea of the timeline if I have more details about your specific project.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do offer short term payment plans. Just mention it when you enquire about working with me, and we’ll work out a payment plan to suit your circumstances. Please note that ownership of any final deliverables remain with the designer (that’d be me then) until payment has been made in full.

What's the difference between a brand board and brand guidelines?

A brand board is a one-page PDF document to give you an at-a-glance overview of the elements of your brand; like colour codes, fonts, logo variations etc. If you’re just starting out or you’re the only one designing for your brand, a brand board may well be all you need. Brand guidelines are a much more comprehensive document with detailed guidelines for specific use of each of your brand’s elements;  such as rules for logo placement and clear space, detailed typographic treatments, brand values, sample branded documents and collateral – and more. Brand guidelines are an invaluable tool when your brand will be implemented by others, such as external  design agencies or a VA. 

Can you help me with other design stuff too?

Well… yes and no. I don’t usually take on ad-hoc design jobs, but I make an exception for my existing clients, who have the option of either purchasing a retainer package or working with me on a project-to-project basis. The reason I’m not taking on general graphic design work for anyone else is that 1) my zone of genius is seeing the bigger picture and developing long-term brand strategies, and 2) I already know the ins and outs of my existing clients’ brands, which makes it so much easier for me to help them maintain brand recognition over time.

I need a website too, can you do that?

No. Web design and development is a whole profession (actually, it’s more like two) of its own, and I no longer provide these services.

I recommend that you hire a dedicated person or company to help you with your web design needs. That way you can be sure your little corner of the internet is working for you, not against you! A good web designer will be able to reference your brand style guide to create a website that stays true to your brand. I can also provide them with rough design sketches for them to work from, or take on a consulting role where I check in on the project at key points to ensure the design is consistent with your brand.

If you need pointing in the right direction, I have several talented web designers and developers in my network that I can put you in touch with!

What about copywriting?

Not really. Again, this is a whole speciality of its own, and you will find copywriters who specialise in sales copy, and others who are super rad at writing captions for your Instagram feed. And everything in between!

I can help you with strategic naming processes, help you narrow down a tone of voice for your brand, and maybe help you tweak that heading for your brochure – as a part of the brand development process. But that’s really where my expertise ends.

I recommend finding a copywriter that can help you with your specific needs. I can point you in the right direction though, as I have several badass copywriters in my network! 

I have a question about something else!

Pop your question in an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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